Some time ago my lovely Sophia sent me a parcel… and it’s finally here! sorry for the pictures, but my camera is ruined now and the light of my room is like the worst thing ever 😦


It arrived totally safe and full of cuteness! ❤


The book of Norwegian tales is totally awesome and I think I already know some of them ;D


Can you see? yeah! russian, because russian is love! ~


I remember when Sophia showed me a picture of the painting and it looked fine but when you see it closer, is even better! and the lovely matrioshka bookmark! ❤ I can’t with it… is just too lovely for words! ~


The letter and the card! ❤ the letter back is a great picture taken by Sophia, but I couldn’t get a worthy picture of it with my phone… (yes, I loved the russian poem!).


Again, I couldn’t get a decent picture of the postcard itself… I don’t know if I should blame the light, my phone’s camera or just both. The stickers are so damn great and I’m going to put them everywhere on my room… and my laptop 😀

Love you so much, sunshine… thanks for the nice surprise! 🙂


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